Dear Friends,

As the president of the National Fellowship of Associate Members and Local Pastors, I
want to take a moment to greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
and let you know that I am lifting you before God in your busy, even hectic,
schedules. For those of you who are among the retired and may not be in the center
of the activity and may even be missing that a bit, I encourage you to take every
opportunity to be among the worshiping body. You can bring a deeply attentive and
expectant presence that will infuse the worshipers and encourage the pastor in
leadership. To those of you who may be experiencing your first year or are about to be
appointed for the first time as the Pastor in charge, call on your retired colleagues for
prayerful support. To those in the midst of the fray for the first or the “nth” time, I
remind you not to miss the awe and beauty of serving our Lord. Lean on your laity to
do the detail work so that they can receive blessing, and so that they are prepared to
carry on with confidence in the years ahead. Lean on colleagues for prayerful
and collegial support. And always lean into Jesus who is the author and finisher even
of your plans.

If you are visiting this site for the first time I hope you take a look at the history and
purpose of the NFAMLP and if you are an AM or LP, I invite you to join this
organization that is about and for you if you have not already done so. You can find
the membership form among the sidebars with directions for completing and mailing

I welcome your contact at any time you may have questions, ideas, comments or
prayer needs. Email me at You can also find collegial
support, prayer warriors, and pertinent discussion on the NFAMLP Facebook page.
The NFAMLP gathers each year for an Annual Meeting, fellowship and continuing
education. This year we will be meeting at General Butler State Park, Carrollton, KY,
September 12 – 14. Please go to the Annual Meeting link today, and make
preparations to participate in this event. The Continuing Education promises to be
pertinent and applicable. The fellowship and renewal are grand, and your presence is a
needed blessing. If finances are a concern, I encourage you to speak with your local
church, District Superintendent, Conference FAMLP Chairperson and/or Conference
Treasurer’s office. Stress the importance of your continuing education and collegial
support of the gathering.

On the Way with you,

Prayers for God’s peace, provision, and joy!
Gwen Wolford, NFAMLP President