Letter from the NFAMLP

Gwen Wolford has served as the President of the NFAMLP for the last 4 years, the maximum term possible under our current by-laws.  Below, please find Gwen’s letter to the fellowship as the outgoing President. 

                                                                        We thank her for her dedication to the NFAMLP.

Serving as the President of the National Fellowship of Associate Members and Local Pastors has given me many opportunities to learn and grow in faith.  I (and my husband) have been blessed by the people we have met and the places we have gone.  The team elected to serve alongside of me has been top notch.  They are all pastors of deep faith and strong conviction that licensed clergy are called by God to serve in unique ways to the glory of God and the betterment of the United Methodist Church.  This team has worked diligently to strengthen the NFAMLP and to strengthen the Church through legislation, education and cooperation.

The NFAMLP has a rich legacy of committed clergy that have seen recognition and affirmation of Licensed Clergy in the UM Church grow.  This has been hard, diligent and time-consuming labor and the United Methodist Church is better for it.  Clearly, we know the work is not over and the days and years ahead will bring change.  In the midst of change what will remain constant is:  the love and goodness of God; the local church in every place serving God by making disciples for the transformation of the world, and the United Methodist Church’s need for Licensed Clergy.

Your current slate of officers and their contact info can be found on the NFAMLP website. Please feel free to make contact at any time with questions and suggestions.  The legislation being put forth at General Conference 2020 by the NFAMLP can also be found there.  Please take time to read it and speak to your Conference Delegates about its reasoning and purpose. Remind them and others of how the number of Licensed Clergy has grown and that what is best for the UM Church is for all clergy to be involved in decision making and action.
I look forward to serving on the Executive Team as an ex-officio member now, being one of two immediate Past Presidents.   We have a team that works cooperatively and graciously to see the best possible outcomes for our clergy and the Church they are called to serve.  The Fellowship is indeed in good hands and I rejoice in the call of God “for such a time as this.”