As the Christian year comes to a close with Christ the King Sunday, you, my colleagues in ministry, have been on my mind.  Most of you I have never seen your faces, but I know if you are searching this website you are most likely a brother or sister in Christ who is experiencing God’s calling in/into ministry.  You are listening for the voice of God directing your steps and paths.

The Advent and Christmas lessons are filled with the stories of people who listened to God’s leading and set out on journeys of faith.  Mary first journeyed to the home of Elizabeth and Zechariah where she experienced the first affirmation of the Angel’s message that she would bear a child, the Messiah.  She and Joseph would make the trek to Bethlehem where they would be the first to look into the eyes of the Great I AM as they held their newborn.  Lowly Shepherds would journey from the fields at the direction of God’s angel messenger to be the first to welcome the Savior of the World.  The Magi were led by a star clearly designed by the God of the universe to lead them to the King of Kings.  The Christmas story is filled with one journey after another. 

As we journey into and through the Advent season as pastors, worship leaders, Bible Study facilitators, grief counselors and spiritual guides, I pray that we will also experience the joy of arriving at surprising and glorious stops on the way.  May we have listening ears, watchful eyes and willing hearts for receiving and sharing the gift of God’s love and presence on the daily journey of life.

May you and yours have the merriest of Christmases and be blessed with abundant provision, hope and joy in the new year.


Gwen Wolford, President NFAMLP