The NFAMLP executive committee met on Tuesday Sept. 13 at the GBHEM offices in Nashville TN.

President Gwen Wolford called the meeting together at 11:10AM and opened with prayer.

Prayer was lifted for our members who are not with us due to travel and work obligations, as well as illness.

The following business was conducted.

A letter from Mike Davis, Legislative Chair, was shared. Due to health concerns, Mike has withdrawn as the Chair if the Fellowship in his conference. He plans to attend the UMRA legislative meeting in Minneapolis in October. If someone else wishes to attend in his place, he will reimburse the Fellowship the cost of the event. The consensus was that he should attend as he has had many important conversations and done much of the leg work. Gwen will email him and let him know the biggest concern is his health, and ask him to keep us updated. There was also consensus that we need to be allies with the Rural Advocates, and even consider having a designated reciprocal representative on leadership teams. Gwen will talk with Michele Holloway who is active in the UMRF and attends the NFAMLP.

There was much discussion regarding what type of legislation the NFAMLP saw as beneficial to our members and when the most appropriate time was to submit that legislation. Dave Owsley suggest ed we begin as soon as possible, and have it ready to submit to Annual Conferences for support by April. In a unanimously supported motion made by Dave, seconded by Bev, it was agreed that Gwen will talk to Mike before we leave regarding his desire to remain as legislative chair, and in accordance with membership bylaw XIV, she will appoint 3 others before the end of the gathering. Bev, Don, and Dave will flesh out some of the discussion from our meeting and get started on said legislation.

It was decided that 3 individual pieces of legislation would be sufficient. One that received much discussion was the ordination of Local pastors. However, we agreed to wait until after the Ministry Study report to further discuss that one. Representation and vote at General Conference, voting on disciplinary changes, and how the chair of the Conference Fellowship is determined were other areas that were discussed of areas of concern to Local Pastors and Associate Members.

There was discussion regarding how the executive committee will meet. In the past, they had met at the site of the fall meeting in the spring at the expense of the fellowship. The motion by Bev, second by Marikay was defeated 0-5-0. It was agreed we had improved communication this year via technology, and will try to improve next year. The legislative committee will meet before the end of the year. Please refer to #2 for details.

Shannon Conklin Miller shared the upcoming agenda. The schedule includes presentations on the agenda include worship in the Upper Room, the work of the Ministry Study Commission, Discipleship Resources, Clergy Assessment and Development, upcoming legislation, Commission on the Way Forward, a tour of the building and a time for Q & A.

We discussed the registration process and upcoming years. The registration was run through the offices at GBHEM. One concern was that we did not have access to regular updates and was some confusion on membership. It was decided that we will do our own registration in 2019. Dave and Marikay will work with Will Clark on getting the information onto the website by the first of the year. The flyer is completed. We need to decide on a cost. Dave suggested we keep the cost down and charge $100. That will be decided within the month. We have 38 rooms reserved at Holiday Inn Express and are hoping to hear from La Quinta.

The Executive Committee appointed Steve to handle nominations and Marikay to handle the audit. They will find someone to help them out.
Following discussion on our NFAMLP pins, on a motion by Dave, seconded by Don, we agreed on a vote of 3-1-1to allow any one who chooses may purchase one for $3. We will continue to give them to anyone who attends the meeting for the first time.

As we discussed membership, Marikay showed the spreadsheet that keeps track of membership. It was asked if we could include membership as part of the registration. That was declined because of our bylaws. At our business meeting, Gwen will remind everyone they must be a member before they can vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Bev Roscoe

Financial Report for 2018 Annual MeetingĀ